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NAPADA Greenhouse automation model AlertisGol A30

ناپادا گل
تماس بگیرید

Greenhouse Smart climate control automation

Napada Greenhouse Automation Systems works hours a day to optimize and control the greenhouse climate, increase crop yields and quality, reduce energy costs as well as labor costs.

The Nadapa Greenhouse Automation AlertisGol A30 model Complex has the following components:

2x temperature and humidity sensors and ammonia gas and carbon dioxide sensors S101

1x Controller system C200

1x Monitoring  system M900


24 month warranty

Call us for the price information


For free technical consulting and price information and system specifications send a text massage “#Consult + field of activity” to: +9830006308000005

Company consultants will call you.






Increase profits and reduce costs
Reduce water consumption
Reduce medicine consumption
Reduce Casualties
Awake and reliable 24 hours a day in breeding period
Capable of sending text message at the moment of danger
Increase farm breeding index perduct 
One kilometer range
No need for cabling



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