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Monitoring system for greenhouse smart control model M900

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With Smart greenhouse monitoring system you can observe and control all changes in the greenhouse or farm and dont let this changes effect on your plants and have better yield for your products.

Connectable to 10 salon

It has siren system, mobile software, periodic reporting, SMS and call to manager at the moment of danger


24 month warranty

Call us for the price information


NAPADA wireless monitoring for all salons model M900 


This system is installing in the management room and can collect the information of the controller of the farm halls wirelessly and display it to the manager online.


If the environment is in poor condition, the alarm will sound quickly and if it continues it will send an SMS containing the environmental information to the management mobile immediately.


The manager can communicate with the system from anywhere in the world, receive the desired information and send corrective settings to the salon.



Increase profits and reduce costs
One kilometer range
No need for cabling



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