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Monitoring system for poultry smart control model M900

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Farm monitoring

Connectable to 10 salon

It has siren system, mobile software, periodic reporting, SMS and call to manager at the moment of danger


24 month warranty

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NAPADA wireless monitoring for all salons model M900 


This system is installing in the management room and can collect the information of the controller of the farm halls wirelessly and display it to the manager online.


If the environment is in poor condition, the alarm will sound quickly and if it continues it will send an SMS containing the environmental information to the management mobile immediately.


The manager can communicate with the system from anywhere in the world, receive the desired information and send corrective settings to the salon.





In simple way we can say:


NAPADA monitoring  M900 is a device installed in the management room and collects information from the salons and entire site wirelessly and displays to management. this monitoring device covers up to 10 salons. if inappropriate ambient conditions are created in the salon, the alarm will sound quickly and if these conditions persist, we will be notified via SMS and a complete report of the salon (Humidity, Ammonia, Carbon dioxide, Temperature and Room No and ... depending on the type of sensors used). wherever the manager is he can send their corrections via mobile or text messaging and make corrections. by buying this monitoring device you can avoid any risk and save your time. this monitoring device can be used in greenhouses, poultry and other halls. this monitoring is installed without the need for cabling and covers a range of up to one kilometer. this device increases profitability and reduces costs.

One of the major problems in manufacturing sites for the use of smart monitoring systems is the high cost of cabling and its maintenance, which can be resolved using this system, which is wireless and operates in a completely noisy environment. Including greenhouses, poultry farms, refineries, industrial centers, etc. Due to the area of ​​the site that is so large, wiring and cabling is very difficult and costly, series of NAPADA sensors are wireless and covers data transfer more than 1 kilometer range without cable.


Increase profits and reduce costs
One kilometer range
No need for cabling



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