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NAPADA wireless Temperature,humidity,ammonia and carbon dioxide sensor model 101

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Wireless temperature, humidity, ammonia and carbon dioxide sensor


24 month warranty

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The sensor displays temperature and humidity and ammonia gas online and the user can use it whenever they need to extract information.

Two or more of these temperature and humidity and ammonia sensors install inside the site and extract environmental information and send it to the controller in the the power panel.

The control information of each section is then sent to the monitoring room.

Monitoring and control environmental parameters such as temperature, relative humidity, CO2, etc is very important and it should be happen 24 hours a day and precisely that its impossible for a person and if it would happen it wont be very precise.



SHT15 sensor is a digital temperature and humidity sensor. it is a calibrated sensor with high accuracy. The long-term stability of the sensor is reasonable and due to the accuracy and stability characteristics, has a good price. CMOSense digital technology has integrated two sensors into one chip.



Voltage : 2.4 to 5.5

Temperature resolotion : 0.01C to 0.04C

Humidity resolotion : 0.05 to 0.4

Temperature range : -40C to +123.8C

Humidity range : 0 to 100%

Temperature Response time : 5 to 30 secends

Humidity Response time : 8 seconds

Average power : 150 uw


One kilometer range
Connectable to wireless controller
Ability to define hall number
Ability to calibrate temperature



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