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Carbon monoxide Sensor

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Carbon monoxide Sensor


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Carbon monoxide is one of the toxic and hazardous gases emitted from the burning of fossil fuels. Therefore, the existing gases must be analyzed to control the exhaust gases of cars, mines, fossil power plants and the need for safety of personnel and individuals and control the amount of oxygen available in such centers to enable air-conditioning systems in case of a reduction in oxygen levels and increased carbon monoxide gas.

You can use napada gas sensors with the company's controller to control carbon monoxide in the parking lot. these types of controllers have outputs to fans or jet fans.


The performance of these systems is such that according to international standards and usage and traffic congestion in the parking lots, On the controller a certain amount of carbon monoxide level is specified and, as soon as the level of carbon monoxide gas rises from specified ppm amount the controller command to activate the fans or jet fans and as soon as the carbon monoxide gas level is falls from specified ppm number,  fans or jet fans will be slower and then switch off with the controller command. It should be noted that in these systems it is possible to send all the information to the central management system for different processes and to create various scenarios in order to carry out detailed safety processes and various safety and statistical surveys.


high range frequency
high accuracy



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